Watch Nearly 15 Minutes of Mafia: Definitive Edition Gameplay

Mafia is looking Road to Perditiony

Mafia: Definitive Edition is a total remake of the 2002 version and was said to be released sometime in August, but due to COVID-19 complicating matters, the game has been delayed until September 2020. But if you’re curious how the game looks, a gameplay reveal video has appeared on IGN showing nearly 15-minutes of gameplay.

If you were unaware, there have been three Mafia games released over the years. The third game in the series has been updated to definitive status, mostly being left unchanged due to launching only in 2016, however, the definitive edition includes all previously released DLC. The second game in the series has simply been remastered, but apparently the remaster hasn’t achieved its job according to our impressions piece.

The first game though has been entirely remade and sees improved graphics, animations, and controls (from what I can see). The gameplay footage takes place quite a way into the game and finds the characters planning to pick up a shipment of whiskey, but things take a wrong turn.

The gameplay shows off the huge change in graphics, but there’s also a bunch of new dialogue to accompany the newfound cinematic-quality to the gameplay. If you want to see exactly how much of a change Mafia: Definitive Edition has gone through, check out this gameplay walkthrough from 11:34 from the original game which shows the same mission taking place. Here’s an image captured at roughly the same moment in case you can’t watch the videos right now.

(Images snapped from

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IGN and AFGuidesHD)

The cinematics look incredibly polished, and the gameplay is also quite impressive. The rain pattering in the mud and on wood looks brilliant, In addition the lighting certainly brings the atmosphere together. Bullets leave tracers, and players can enter cover and shoot from behind said cover.

The video is narrated by Haden Blackman, president, and chief creative officer at Hangar 13. They walk the viewer through the features and changes, for example, it’s revealed that players will be able to change the difficulty to just experience the story, but those playing at default settings will have to conserve ammo and think about their combat strategies.

You’ll be able to pick up Mafia: Definitive Edition on PC, PS4, and Xbox One and will be arriving on September 25.

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