Mafia II and Prey Now Available on Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

Mafia II and Prey Now Available on Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

Xbox One's library of backwards compatible titles expands with the new additions of Mafia II and the 2006 iteration of Prey.

Xbox One’s roster of classic and beloved games from the previous two generations of Xbox systems has continued to expand in the years since backwards compatibility was introduced, and two more additions to the library are now available for console owners to enjoy from 2K Games.

Larry Hyrb (aka “Major Nelson”) has revealed that Mafia II and Prey are now available for Xbox One owners to enjoy through backwards compatibility, which system owners can play with either physical copies of the games or digital copies purchased through the Xbox Marketplace.

Prey in particular is notable in that this is the 2006 iteration of the game from Human Head Studios, which served as the inspiration for last year’s “reimagining” Prey from Bethesda Softworks and Arkane Studios. While the games are pretty different, there are still some traces of inspiration from the 2006 game that you can find if you played through Arkane’s take on the idea last year.

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