Mafia III Free Demo Now Available Alongside First Expansion Faster, Baby!

Mafia III Free Demo Now Available Alongside First Expansion Faster, Baby!

Last month, developer Hangar 13 and publisher 2K announced release windows for the previously announced three story expansions for Mafia III. Today, the first of those expansions, Faster, Baby!, launches onto PS4, Xbox One, and PC. And to celebrate, 2K has released an accompanying launch trailer. But wait, there’s more: 2K also announced today a new free demo is available for the base game.

The free demo includes the opening act of the game — the bank heist sequence — which mostly serves as a set up for the rest of the game. There is no time limit on the demo, meaning you can enjoy the whole opening act your own pace.

The demo is available on all platforms, and if you decided to purchase the game (as long as its on the same platform) your saved progress will carry over.

Besides the demo, the first expansion arrives today brining with a number of game enhancements, gear, and new vehicles. There’s also a new story to play set in a new small town called Sinclair Parish. Here’s a brief rundown of the DLC via 2K:

There’s a whole new part of town to drive through – and tear up. Sinclair Parish is a small rural township in the countryside with lots of opportunities to tear through turns, jump gaps and run from the law. Oh, sure, you’ll have your fill of Hollywood-caliber car chases, enhanced with new “Faster, Baby!” additions like the ability to activate slow motion. It’s a new way to carve tight corners and thread-the-needle between narrow gaps while evading pursuit.

”Faster, Baby!” gets straight to the action with high-octane driving and more car combat. With this new DLC release we’re introducing new combat mechanics perfectly suited for causing destruction on-the-go. Namely, you’ll now have access to proximity mines so you can lay out traps on the backroads or in enemy encampments. Also, take advantage of the ability to toss grenades from your car while enemies are in hot pursuit.

…and there’s a great story as well! “Faster, Baby!” takes place alongside events in the main game. A civil rights leader is murdered while investigating local sheriff “Slim” Beaumont – and other activists are next on the list. As the story unfolds, you’re unlocking new cars for tooling around New Bordeaux, new outfits and new gear for taking down Slim – as well as the Marcanos.

The DLC is available as part of the Season Pass or available to purchase separately for $14.99 USD.  To access the DLC, it doesn’t matter whether you previously finished the base game, but you will need to be past at least Act Two.

Below, you can check out the launch trailer for Faster, Baby! as well as the new trailer for the free demo: