Mafia III PC Patch Enabling 60 and Unlimited FPS Now Live [UPDATED]

Mafia III PC Patch Enabling 60 and Unlimited FPS Now Live [UPDATED]

A lot of PC gamers don’t like to have their frames per second capped, and Mafia III came out with a rather limiting 30 FPS cap that certainly ruffled some feathers. The developers at Hangar 13 rolled up their sleeves, and responded to community feedback by working on a patch to address the situation.

The game’s official Twitter account just announced that the patch should come tonight, granting options for 30, 60 and unlimited FPS:

Time to put those torches and pitchforks back in the closet.

Update: The patch has been released, and the team posted the following note describing its content:

UPDATE [10/8 / 3PM PT]: PC players, reboot Mafia III because patch 1.01 is now available for download. This patch includes 30, 60, and unlimited frames-per-second options on PC. To select your framerate, just head to the display menu in-game. Just make sure to tailor the framerate settings to the power of your machine. This patch also includes improvements to keyboard remapping, so head to the controls menu to check out the options. Note: this patch resets keyboard mapping to default, so any changes you made to the controls previously will need to be customized after installing the patch.