Mafia III “Stones Unturned” DLC Out Now; Receives Launch Trailer

Mafia III “Stones Unturned” DLC Out Now; Receives Launch Trailer

A new DLC pack is available for Mafia III. The new story missions take players to a new jungle area never before seen in Mafia III on a hunt to take down Connor Aldridge and his mercenary army.

Originally announced at the beginning of the month, developer Hangar 13 has released its latest DLC update for Mafia III. Stones Unturned has players teaming back up with John Donovan, ex C.I.A. agent that was first introduced in Mafia III. Alongside the release of the latest DLC pack, we also received a new trailer for the content update, which can be seen below.

In the new trailer, which clocks in at 1 minute and 42 seconds, we see the cast of characters that will be the focal point for the new story missions. Stones Unturned pits John Donovan on a hunt to catch former rival Connor Aldridge and his mercenary army, who are on the hunt for a downed aircraft carrying hazardous cargo.

Stones Unturned will take players out of New Bordeaux and put them right in the middle of a dense jungle island, an area previously unseen in Mafia III. In addition to the new environment players will get to explore, the latest content update will also feature new weapons and outfits. Players will have the ability to call in Marshall’s Sniper Service to quickly pinpoint and take out enemies. As seen in the trailer below, players will also take control of a new vehicle mounted turret, which looks absolutely insane and could be the perfect weapon for mowing down large groups of enemies getting in your way. For those that like to take out their enemies in style, two new outfits have been added to the game -a jungle camo commando outfit, perfect for blending in with the new environment and the Party Animal outfit, which we see Lincoln Clay wearing in the new trailer.

Season Pass holders and those that have purchased the Deluxe Edition of Mafia III can download the new DLC immediately. You can also purchase the Stones Unturned DLC individually for $14.99.

Mafia III was originally released on October 7th, 2016 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.