Mafia III’s Second Expansion Stones Unturned Launches May 30th

Mafia III’s Second Expansion Stones Unturned Launches May 30th

Today, developer Hangar 13 and publisher 2K announced that Mafia III’s second expansion, Stones Unturned, is set to launch on May 30th.

Notably, the expansion stars not only Lincoln Clay, the protagonist from the base game, but John Donavan, who Lincoln works with throughout the game. In the expansion, Donovan has called upon Lincoln to help him get revenge on Conor Aldridge, a traitor who left Donovan for dead during his time in Vietnam, and who has showed up in New Bordeaux causing trouble, or as Hangar 13 puts it cutting a destructive path through the city.

According to a Hangar 13, Aldridge is “unorthodox,” and contains a methodology described as “extreme.” And like Donavan, sees himself as a patriot.

For the expansion, it is said Donavan will be by your side, out in the thick of things, for most of the experience. According to Hangar 13 the expansion is good for showing that Donavan is not just some “desk jockey” but can also — like Lincoln — “kick some ass.”

The expansion will take place not only in New Bordeaux, but on a new rainforest island as well. It also come packed with some new weapons and services, including a sniper service, that you will need as you take on Aldridge and his men, who are highly trained mercenaries, at a level that Lincoln hasn’t faced since he got home from Vietnam.

For more details on the expansion/DLC, be sure to check out the newly released “inside look” video at the bottom of the article.

A price-point for the DLC has not been revealed, however, the game’s previous and first expansion cost $14.99 USD, so expect a price in this ballpark.  Mafia III is currently available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.