MAG 2.0 Full Details Announced, Release Soon

By Jon Ireson

September 16, 2010

It’s time for MAG to get an upgrade, a major one. We brought you our preview of the new MAG 2.0 Beta, which you can check out here, and now an official release date has been announced along with a full reveal of all the juicy details. The massive patch will release soon and update existing maps, weapons, vehicles, as well as provide PS Move support, increased level cap (up to level 70 is now supported) and all of the other goodies that we told you about in the preview. These new additions include the Supply Depot which players earn credits for unlocking weapons in, as well as the new Clan Deploy allowing up to 128 clan members to join a single game, a new MAG News page, and more. The new Escalation game-type is going to arrive in a separate DLC pack likely along with its new maps and the pack will also feature nine new weapons. Check out the official statement after the break.

Everyone here at Zipper Interactive is extremely proud to announce that our next downloadable MAG update, MAG 2.0, is not only our biggest and most important patch yet, but also one that’s less than a month away!

That’s right! All the feedback and suggestions you’ve made from countless hours spent playing our new MAG Beta program will pay off in the retail version of MAG in a very big way. We’re calling it “MAG 2.0″ for a reason and it’s because of the sheer number of fantastic new additions, including:

  • PlayStation Move support
  • An increased level cap that goes to level 70
  • A revamped Skill Tree that allows for the deepest character customization and specialization ever found in a first-person shooter
  • A brand-new in-game economy that lets you earn credits to spend on weapons and items from the also-new “Supply Depot”
  • Our useful “Clan Deploy” feature that enables clan leaders and officers to queue up to 128 of their fellow clan members into a single game
  • A “MAG News” page that brings players up to date on all the latest happenings the moment they log in
  • A multitude of updates that refine existing weapons, maps, and vehicles
  • Important bug fixes and other enhancements that streamline the overall experience
  • We’ll have specifics as to what else is in the MAG 2.0 patch as we near its release. Oh, and before we go, don’t forget to keep an eye out for additional news in the near future regarding our next DLC pack, which includes our upcoming Escalation game-type and nine all-new weapons.

We hope that you’re just as excited to get your hands on MAG 2.0 as we are to give it to you, and we’ll see you again real soon!

-Jeremy Dunham, Senior Community Manager for Zipper Interactive

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