Mages’ Xbox One Game To Be Announced at E3 Won’t Be Visual Novel or Shoot ’em Up; Platform Choice Explained

Mages’ Xbox One Game To Be Announced at E3 Won’t Be Visual Novel or Shoot ’em Up; Platform Choice Explained

Makoto Asada and Mages. announced three new visual novels a couple days ago, exclusively (at least for now) for the Xbox One. We also learned that they’re planning to announce three more games at E3 for Microsoft’s new console.

Many didn’t consider the newly announced games very relevant, as visual novels aren’t exactly popular in the west, and most probably won’t even be localized, but Asada-san took to 5pb’s blog to explain something interesting. At least one of the titles that will be announced at E3 is being developed in cooperation with an external company and won’t be either a visual novel or a shoot ’em up (which is the other genre Asada-san is well known for).

Asada-san also explained in two separate interviews on Dengeki Online (one focusing on Mistereet F and the other on Psycho-Pass: Psychopaths) the reasons behind the choice to go with Xbox One, which could seem like setting oneself up for an uphill battle in Japan.

First of all Asada-mentioned the fact that he was familiar with Xbox from his previous works, and he was involved in the development of the Xbox One from the early stages, so the decision was taken as soon as he moved from Cave to Mages.

Another reason is that the Xbox One is a hardware easy to work with (it was actually erroneously reported by some outlets that Asada-san said that the Xbox One is “hard” to develop for during the presentation of the three new titles, but that was a mistranslation due to him using the word “hard” for “hardware”), and especially for Psycho-Pass: Psychopaths the decisive factors were Kinect and SmartGlass, as Asada-san considers them perfect to deliver the futuristic vision of the game.

If you’re wondering what genre the mysterious game(s) to be announced at E3 will belong to, or what external studio Asada-san is working with, I am too, but unfortunately your guess is as good as mine. That said, the fact that it’ll be announced at E3 could definitely mean that the genre holds a degree of popularity in the west.