Magic: The Gathering Arena Rolls Back Constructed Event Changes

Magic: The Gathering Arena Rolls Back Constructed Event Changes

The Magic: The Gathering Arena community has spoken. Wizards of the Coast will be rolling back previously announced changes to its Constructed Events.

Thanks to fan feedback, Wizards of the Coast have rolled back changes to its Constructed Events that were supposed to be made in its latest update for Magic: The Gathering Arena.

The changes that were in question pertain to the structure of Constructed Events and individual card rewards (ICR). Specifically, favoring best-of-1s instead of the traditional best-of-3s and outright getting rid of ICRs. From Reddit user Squirrel, the charts provided in the post details the changes and compares the previous rewards system to the new system.

Much of the Magic: The Gathering Arena community were against this change. With the new changes favoring a best-of-one setting, there is really no need for a sideboard which takes a lot of strategy away from the game. In many ways, it becomes a game of chance since you don’t know what kind of deck you are going to face ahead of time and can’t adjust ahead of time. Also, the lack of ICRs was seen as stingy from the community. As such, an official statement was issued rolling back the changes.

As the post states, the first preseason is currently underway and will continue until January 31, 2019. Since the team is “going back to the drawing board” on the Competitive Events changes, the previous rewards system will be the same as November.

Magic: The Gathering Arena is available now for free on PC. In other recent news for the popular card game, Wizards of the Coast announced an esports program for the game offering a $10 million prize pool. It will encompass both physical and digital versions of MTG.