Magic: The Gathering Receives the ‘Happy Little Trees’ of Bob Ross in New Card Art

Bob Ross' happy little trees and beautiful landscapes makes its way to Magic: The Gathering

November 25, 2020

Even if you weren’t around in the 1980s and early 1990s when Bob Ross calmed and delighted Americas with his ‘happy little trees’ paintings, you probably have seen or at least heard of Mr. Ross dominating Twitch with reruns of his TV show The Joy of Painting which gets more viewers than many streamers. His soothing words and mindful ASMR-like approach to art have relaxed many in their hour of need and now players of Magic: The Gathering can gaze upon his work in new deck art landscapes that will summon creatures and cast spells.

The Ross Estate has partnered with Wizards of the Coast to turn some of those happy little accidents and trees into real Magic: The Gathering Cards in a limited edition set called ‘Happy Little Gathering.’ It makes so much sense for Bob’s beautiful landscapes to feature as artworks given how popular he has been in recent times. We’ve already seen Secret Lair team up with The Walking Dead to feature iconic characters from the series in new, never before seen deck art that features unique gameplay text. This particular Bob Ross set will feature two paintings for each basic land type — plains, swamps, forests, islands, and mountains — plus another one chosen for Evolving Wilds which can transform into any other land type. Altogether that’s 11 cards total and in case you’re wondering, the set will be available in both foil and non-foil varieties.

While speaking to Vice, Wizards of the Coast Senior Creative Art Director Tom Jenkot said  “I thought swamp was going to be the hardest, but it turned out to be plains, I did have to cheat a little with one of the plains by zooming in on the painting.” Touching on the Evolving Wilds card, Jenkot talked about why that painting was the trickiest to nail down “While there weren’t a lot of options for swamps, there were some obvious choices. The island, mountain, and forest choices were plentiful,” he said. “But the biggest achievement was finding a Bob Ross painting that worked for ‘Evolving Wilds!’ The painting has a forest, mountain, water, plains, plus an unearthly glow on the underside of the wave to hit on the evolving aspect.”

The Secret Lair line of Wizards of the Coast cards, which reprints Magic cards updated by famous artists, will hold the Bob Ross limited-edition set. The Happy Little Gathering will be available for pre-order starting Nov. 30 through Dec. 14.

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