Magicka Celebrates One Year With Free Magick and New Expansion

It’s hard to believe it was just a year ago we all first got our hands on Magicka and started immediately “accidentally” killing our friends in the crazy spell casting co-op game that’s more competitive than co-operative. To celebrate the game’s first birthday, Paradox Interactive and Arrowhead Game Studios are releasing a new spell to everybody for the awesome price of totally free: Confuse.

In addition they’ve announced the next expansion to the game, titled “The Other Side of the Coin”. In true Magicka fashion this DLC is completely out of nowhere and makes no logical sense, which is always fun. In this latest addition players will be trading the robes and wizard hats for some black capes and high collars as they play as “Alucart the Vampire”, who is probably totally not a vampire. You can read more about The Other Side of the Coin here.

The core game has sold more than 1.3 Million copies to date, with the Magicka: Vietnam expansion selling over 500,000 and the other DLC selling over four million combined.

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