Magicka Sales Near 800K (Booya!)

Magicka Sales Near 800K (Booya!)

Our Associate Editor Allen Park had amazing things to say about Magicka in his review of the game. It’s one of those games that he constantly talked about with fellow staff members in email threads on how awesome it was, and why we should be tossing our social lives out the window to play the game and it’s addicting co-op mode. Most of us didn’t flinch at the thought of the game, which is funny, at this point, considering how well the game’s done.

Earlier this morning (which is really early, to our standards) Paradox CEO Fredrik Wester told Joystiq on just how financially successful Magicka has become. How successful, you ask? About 800,000 units successful, my bewildered readers.“It’s going to pass that [sales milestone] in the next week, week after or so,” the confident Wester stated. “We’re still doing between five and seven thousand a week, so it’s a great sales number,” adding that Paradox hopes to go beyond the one million sales mark by the end of the year.

Adding to the plethora of sales and the ludicrous amounts of money that Magicka has conjured (pun intended) is the Vietnam expansion. “It’s done a few hundred thousand, so the attachment rate is really high,” Wester said. Only a few hundred thousand he says…

For a small team like Arrowhead, this is a paramount achievement. A game that’s done so well can only expect an exuberance of future titles, as Paradox is very interested in furthering the relationship they currently have with the Magicka developer. If you’re wondering whether or not a sequel is in place, you’ll be happy to know that there are plans to release one.

Let’s give it up for Arrohead, ladies and gentlemen, on a job well done.