Freaky Teaser Trailer Introduces Maid of Sker, a First-Person Survival Horror Arriving in 2019

Based on a true story, Maid of Sker will be making players survive against creepy Welsh folklore.

October 29, 2018

As Halloween approaches it seems like more creepy titles are coming out of the woodworks. Maid of Sker is one that will be heading to various platforms next year.

From developer Wales Interactive, Maid of Sker is to be a first-person survival horror with stealth gameplay and no weapons. It’s set in a remote hotel with a macabre history of Welsh folklore. To make it even more creepy it’s based on a true story of a woman called Elizabeth Williams and set in 1898. The player will take control of Thomas Evans who is desperately trying to save the woman he loves in and around the Sker house.


While Maid of Sker will have a focus on stealth, and while the player won’t be equipped with weapons they will have to construct traps but also be wary of the sound those traps make. The narrative isn’t linear, and will come with multiple threads and choices that matter leading to various different endings.

The visuals will be realistic and in 4K quality and will use a 3D sound based AI system with the player creeping around, running, hiding, and even distracting enemies. You can watch the trailer below, and there are also some screenshots to have a look at too.

While based on a true story, the title will take inspiration from a 19th-century novel as explained by co-founder and Managing Director at Wales Interactive, David Banner:

“We are taking inspiration from R.D. Blackmore’s 19th century novel, The Maid of Sker, and the original Welsh ballad, Y Ferch o’r Sger, but telling the story in a truly sinister way, with multiple endings that will be discovered depending on the player’s actions. Expect to play a truly terrifying survival horror that reignites one of the most haunting tales in Wales.”

The title will be published by Perp Games who back in May announced a physical release for Moss. Wales Interactive are known for publishing creepy FMV titles such as The Shapeshifting Detective and The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker.

Maid of Sker will be arriving sometime in Q3 2019 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. It’ll be available both digitally and physically. You can watch the trailer and look at some screenshots below.

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