Maiev Shadowsong Joins Heroes of the Storm in a New Spotlight Video

Maiev Shadowsong Joins Heroes of the Storm in a New Spotlight Video

The Warden Maiev Shadowsong hunted Illidan Stormrage to his last breath. Now she joins the Heroes of the Storm to hunt once again.

Heroes of the Storm, the MOBA of all things Blizzard, has added a number of new characters this year. Malthael from Diablo III was added in June, while Overwatch’s D.Va joined the ranks in May. The latest addition, announced yesterday with a spotlight video, is Maiev Shadowsong from Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne and the various expansions of World of Warcraft.

She joins Heroes of the Storm as a melee assassin. She’s best at avoiding damage altogether while preventing her enemies from escaping her grasp.

Her trait, called Vault of the Wardens, allows her to jump high in the air and avoid an enemies attack. Skillfully timed, this can make opponents waste their precious skills only to be robbed of any damage they would have done.

Fan of Knives is just that, a swath of knives are thrown in front of Maiev, causing decent damage. If these knives hit two enemy heroes, the cooldown is significantly decreased. This allows her to widdle down groups with ease.

Her second ability, Umbral Bind, makes her next basic attack become a cleave attack. Heroes hit by this attack are tethered to her. If they try to escape, they’re pulled back. This can be devastating to enemies trying to fall back due to low health.

These are just a few abilities Maiev is capable of. To get a full description of everything she can do, check out the video below posted by Heroes of the Storm: