Maingear’s Custom Nintendo Switch Dockable PC is a Fantastically Outrageous Gimmick

Maingear’s Custom Nintendo Switch Dockable PC is a Fantastically Outrageous Gimmick

Maingear's F131 1ofONE is a high-end PC crossed with a Nintendo Switch dock. Unfortunately, nobody can purchase the custom rig.

Outside of terrific hardware builds, Maingear is known for something else: crazy brand promotion. For instance, hiring deadmau5 as your financial advisor is probably ill-advised. However, even the minds at Maingear raised the bar with a customized creation of the F131 build. Dubbed the F131 1ofONE, the flamboyant design is paired with a Nintendo Switch dock to create an out of this world crossover.

Seen in the video above, the F131 1ofOne definitely sports a Super Mario motif with the game’s signature font and an overall-tinted case. On the exposed side, we see components and lighting that do Rainbow Road justice. Notably, the build uses a first of its kind (sort of) RGB cooling system that looks amazing.

But don’t get distracted by the RGB. The real distinction is the dedicated Nintendo Switch port to professionally stream games. In the video below, you can see users simply plug the Nintendo hardware in and start playing on-screen. How much of that is YouTube editing magic? We will never know.

On top of that, the build isn’t just gimmicks. Instead, the Maingear F131 1ofONE (like the standard build) offers a ton of power under the hood. Here are the specs:

  • MAINGEAR in-house designed F131 chassis
  • MAINGEAR APEX SPECTRUM RGB integrated liquid cooling system
  • Integrated Nintendo Switch dock with internal capture card
  • Addressable RGB liquid cooling tubes
  • MARC II custom automotive paint finish on the F131 and Nintendo Switch
  • Intel i9-7980XE 18-Core CPU
  • Dual NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti Graphics Cards
  • Intel 900P Optane SSD
  • ASUS Strix X299-E Gaming motherboard

If you were hoping to grab one of these consoles, you are out of luck. As the name implies, the custom build is “one-of-one” and part of a rig challenge being held by Intel. While someone can technically win by taking part in their Twitter contest, you won’t find the game on store shelves.

On an unrelated note, Maingear is currently looking for investors. Using the crowd-funding platform NetCapital, the company is currently valued at $25M. Following a month of crowdfunding, the hardware manufacturer has raised over $350K in capital so far — surpassing the $10K minimum.

Whether it is for a contest or drum up PR for the equity offering, the F131 1ofONE is an outrageous gimmick. And as a Nintendo Switch owner, it is something I want in my collection. Of course, you can just grab a Nintendo Switch from Amazon and give up the dream. Meanwhile, check out the videos below showcasing the build in action:

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