Major League Gaming Gets Ten Million Dollars More Major

Major League Gaming Gets Ten Million Dollars More Major


MLG, perhaps the best known name in competitive gaming, has revealed that the company will be receiving some megawatt funding into the New Year. A contribution of ten million dollars will be made to the organization, to further fund their competitions, website featuring, etc.

Legion Enterprises, a digital product tycoon targeting teenage boys and young men, is responsible for the generous investment. This investment takes MLG’s funding to over $50,000,000. The CEO of MLG, Sundance DiGiovanni, had this to say:

“Over the last eight years, we have set out to build competitive gaming into a global, cross-platform business, And thanks to investments from companies like Legion Enterprises and Oak Investment Partners, that vision is well on its way to becoming a reality.”

If you think you’re pretty good at Halo, you may want to test your mettle with the pros over at Major League Gamer. They take the fun of video games and turn it into a world class, survival of the fittest, battle for glory and recognition. I don’t know if I’m good enough to win any of their competitions, but I’d certainly like a piece of that fifty million dollar pie.