Major Nelson Rebrands Himself as “Switch Flipping” After Xbox One DRM About-Face

Major Nelson Rebrands Himself as “Switch Flipping” After Xbox One DRM About-Face

You can say many things about Xbox Live Director of Programming Larry Hryb (AKA Major Nelson), but not that he takes himself too seriously or that he isn’t capable of self irony. He previously went on record stating that Microsoft couldn’t just “flip the switch” on its DRM policies…

We can’t just flip a switch to turn off DRM. The console was built around it.

Now that the “switch” has been very dramatically and publicly flipped, the internet isn’t being forgiving in the least about that quote. Countless memes have been uploaded, and a lot of media outlets mockingly included it in their articles about the Xbox One’s DRM 180.

To be fair, I’m quite sure that Hryb at least partly believed in what he said when he did it, but now that the whole hoopla has come and gone, he’s trying to smile in the face of adversity. Here’s what the banner of his twitter account currently looks like (I underlined the relevant part for your convenience):


It’s so cheeky that when I saw it I initially thought that some jesting troll might have hacked his account, but that wasn’t the case, as the switch flipping theme isn’t limited to the banner. Hyrb has since renamed his Battlefield 3 server “theswitch”, inviting everyone to come and play.

What can I say…Well played Major Nelson. You can say whatever you want about him, but not that he isn’t a good sport. Now, let’s go play Battlefield 3 and have a group hug.