Majority of Batman: Arkham City “Takes Place on the Streets”

By Kyle Durant

April 1, 2011

With earlier reports of Rocksteady’s Arkham Asylum sequel, Batman: Arkham City, being five times bigger than its predecessor, one had to wonder where exactly the game’s campaign would take place. (i.e. in buildings, on the streets, on a certain part of the world map, etc.). Fortunately, thanks to the latest PSM3 magazine we no longer have to fret about such frivolous worries. Dax Ginn, Rocksteady’s marketing game manager, told PSM3 that “interiors are locked to specific missions, but 80% of the game takes place on the streets.” To state simply, you’ll enter buildings for story related missions but everything else takes place in the huge city of Gotham. “This means you can begin the game and just start exploring,” Dax Ginn continued. “But plot is very important to us.” That’s pretty cool that you can just screw around and not concentrate on Batman’s latest plight from the get go. Dare I say that players would run into some huge, impossible adversary if they explored too much too soon? (Ex. The Lurker Shark in Jak and Daxter). We’ll find out on October 3rd when Arkham City releases for the PS3 and 360.


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