Make Alliances And Survive A Ravaged Star System In Black Talons

May 30, 2013

Indie developer Camel 101 have recently revealed their new sci-fi real-time tactics game Black Talons to the world, complete with a teaser trailer (which you can view below) and a ton of information.

Following a mercenary commander “trying to prevail in a ravaged star system,” Black Talons allows players to experience a “deep” cmapaign mode, where one main objective could lead to a host of decisions and actions that directly affect the balance of power in the solar system. Players can customize their squads and Battlecruiser (their base of operations), uses weapons and infrastructures to boost their numbers, teleport soldiers, or bombard the battlefield. There are various unit classes, with specialized roles in Recon, Tactical, Assault, Support, and Engineering, and with each class have a unique and upgradeable skill tree to go with their unique set of weapons and abilities.

Black Talons will have up to five worlds to explore in their solar system, with various environments and weather conditions that can and will largely affect combat, including rain, fog, snow, ionstorms, and “more insane stuff.” Players will have contract work between a number of neutral minor factors in the game, while needing to maintain who they work for for what perks. Working with one faction too long will make relations with an opposing faction drop; the better your relationship with a faction allows you to train or buy units unique to that faction for your class. Have any bad relations, and that faction will attack you during missions.

Take a look at the screenshots and trailer below, and expect Black Talons to release to Windows, Mac and Linux systems, although when hasn’t been confirmed yet.

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