Sailing Title Make Sail Gets Even More Creative with Creative Mode Update

Sailing Title Make Sail Gets Even More Creative with Creative Mode Update

Build a boat, maybe a house that floats, Make Sail's creative mode lets you run wild.

Make Sail launched a new trailer yesterday announcing the arrival of creative mode as well as various other features and changes to the Early Access title from Popcannibal. The new mode marks the biggest update to the title.

The new trailer —You can find it at the bottom of this post— introduces the creative mode update and shows off a range of features that the player can now control. Make Sail is a sailing title in which the player sails a sea within the eye of a storm caused by a tribe stealing the Chimes from a magical tower. The player retrieves all the Chimes for the tower while also building their own boat and gathering new parts. Weather affects the direction of sailing and the closer to the storm the player gets the rougher the ride will be.

Creative mode gives players access to all parts available in the game, allowing them to construct the boat of their dreams. The player will also get to take control of the world, changing the wind, weather, even the sun. Waves can be controlled too, and time can even be paused. All of this can be accessed at any time by pressing the C key while in creative mode.

Additional changes include over eighty new piece styles, totems now drop new pieces in story mode, new UI options, and a new cheat to slow time. The full changelog is available over at the official Steam pageMake Sail launched into Early Access earlier this year, Tomas also interviewed developer Ziba Scott about the gameplay mechanics and the possibility of a console port later down the line.

Make Sail is available on PC as an Early Access title.