Popcannibal’s Make Sail Drifts Onto Early Access Later this Week

Popcannibal’s Make Sail Drifts Onto Early Access Later this Week

Popcannibal has announced that they will finally be releasing Make Sail on PC via Early Access on March 30.

Indie developer Popcannibal successfully crowdfunding Make Sail, a sailing that sets itself apart by featuring very realistic sailing physics and complex but intuitive shipbuilding, back in 2016. While the developers have been teasing an Early Access release for more than a year, Popcannibal has confirmed that Make Sail will finally be making its way to Early Access on PC this Friday, March 30.

As I mentioned before, in Make Sail, players must construct their own vessel before taking it out on the seas for themselves. While sailing, players will come across procedurally generated islands, and must also see how well the rough seas handle their ship’s weight, shape, drag, lift, and drafting.

According to Make Sail’s Steam page, the game will stay in Early Access for one year. In the press release announcing this release date, developer Ziba Scott had the following to say about his small studio’s game:

“Most video game boats are sluggish cars that ignore the wind. Our boats are wild horses of your own design, rooted in real physics, crafted to challenge the elements, chariots fit for the sea gods! They also break up and sink a lot. It’s fun.”

You can check out a trailer boasting the game’s Early Access release date below. Make Sail is currently set sail onto Steam Early Access on March 30. If you want to learn even more about the game, you can check out our interview with the aforementioned Ziba Scott from Popcannibal.