Make Virtual Control Pads Physical With ThinkGeek’s JOYSTICK-IT For iPhone

on June 18, 2011 1:00 PM

Like playing games on your iPhone, but hate the way virtual d-pads work? Then try fixing that with ThinkGeek’s JOYSTICK-IT. (I’m not sure why it’s in all caps. It’s just like that.) It’s basically a metal joystick nub thing that attaches to your iPhone (over the virtual d-pad) that you use to press the d-pad by moving it around. The same thing’s been available for the iPad for a while (as well as in another, less… protruding, but just as silly-looking form), but now you can use it on your iPhone, the device many more of you likely have.

The iPhone version can be purchased here for $17.99, and the previously available iPad version can be purchased here for $24.99 for one and $39.99 for two.

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