Making History II Beta Impressions

By Jon Ireson

May 27, 2010

When it comes to taking over the world in a brilliantly planned annihilation effort, I have often enjoyed some Turn-Based Strategy, Over-head or otherwise, and even table-top (better known as board game) strategy at times. Jumping in to Making History II the beta was fairly straightforward. I opened a new game and chose my scenario. I decided to go with a scenario that proposed the possibility of the player forging the future starting right before the events of World War II. I chose the United States as my faction and began to attack the game full force. I found myself compelled to rule things immediately, and so I set out on a mission to conquer the world in an effort to prevent the rise of the Nazi regime, and ascertain myself lots of power!

The first thing I disliked about Muzzy Lane’s very enjoyable Beta for Making History II was the install and loading times. I have a decent machine, so I can only imagine how it must be for other systems. Of course I was playing the game at the maximum settings, so please be sure your configuration can handle such things before trying them on any game.

Load times aside, the game’s user interface is straight forward and fairly tactile compared to other games in this style. I was able to quickly build up an army and invade Canada and Cuba without a single tutorial or in-depth explanation of the controls. This pick-up-and-play functionality is priceless for a game like this because to be honest the strategic decisions I had to make were challenging enough. The control set in place allows you to focus on the task at hand and accomplish exactly what you set out to do.

The turn-based system allows the player to set a great amount of actions into place before progressing the time-line of events forward. However, the player may feel at times daunted with the task of laying out so many commands. If you are the type of strategist that doesn’t mind enjoying a few lifetimes per turn than by all means indulge. If you are more like me, wanting to see some action result from your choices rather quickly, you can continually mash the Next Turn button until your actions have taken place. Some actions require more than one turn to take effect, for example traveling very long distances.

Even a gamer like me, who admittedly doesn’t hold history as a strong point academically, can find fun in a game like this. While you are presented with a scenario and objectives there is a true sandbox feeling to the game. You are able to take over parts of land in any country you want by sabotage and military force and will have to defend these as you defend your own homeland and attempt to put forth a decent air and naval battle as well.

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If you are a History fanatic then this game will likely allow you to live out some fantasies about living it, and perhaps even changing it to your liking through blunt, direct actions. If you are in this to stand up to countries nearest around you in a devious plot to take over the world, be prepared for that world to fight back! Alliances may form towards or against your favor and war may break out on any land at any time.

Overall, the diversity of units available in the beta alone and overall structure of the game show great promise for strategists, board game enthusiasts, and hardcore history/war buffs in general. I do hope that everyone jumping into this title knows what to expect because frankly I’ve never seen a turn-based strategy game work itself out with such pacing. This is definitely not for everyone, but if you think you are up for the challenge, check out Making History II available today on Windows PC.

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