Making of Otherland Part 3: EightSquared

EightSquared is a town in gamigo and RealU’s Otherland, which is based on a chess board. (Hence the name- a chess board is eight spaces square).

The video shows off the gorgeous visual aspects of the town, as well as something really intriguing called the lifecycle behaviors. Basically, your NCPs don’t just stand in one place all day long, they actually move around and go about their daily lives. A fisherman will go to fish, then once he’s done he will bring his catch to the market. There are even more cool features mentioned in the video, seen under the cut.

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Emily Putscher

Originally hailing from the magical land of Delaware, Emily took a knowledge-based pilgrimage to NYC and will never go back. Known as "buttmage" to her friends, she is a cosplayer with a penchant for sarcastic females and girly men. Lives unapologetically. Loves Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, Prince of Persia. and anything with a good story.

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