Mama is Coming to Europe with Cooking Mama: Bon Appétit! and Gardening Mama: Forest Friends on March 6th

Mama is Coming to Europe with Cooking Mama: Bon Appétit! and Gardening Mama: Forest Friends on March 6th

Calling all cooking aficionados, Cooking Mama: Bon Appétit! and Gardening Mama: Forest Friends are releasing for 3DS and 2DS systems, in European stores and on the European Nintendo eShop, on 6th March.

In Cooking Mama: Bon Appétit!, players (with the assistance of Mama) will perfect recipes and unlock new ones to test culinary skills. To succeed, utilise the Nintendo 3DS stylus to skilfully craft a recipe, whether an exotic dish or a sweet treat, and acquire gold medals.

It will feature over 60 recipes feature in the game, and away from the kitchen additional gameplay modes such as “Let’s Help Mama!” and “Let’s Help Harvest” present a wide range of fun minigame challenges to test skill and reflexes.

For those looking to share the cooking fun with friends, the game features Download Play functionality for between two and four players, to compete against one another in fifteen minigames unlocked right from the start. Additionally, for those looking to personalize their setup, exclusive items will be available via SpotPass after the game’s release.

In Gardening Mama: Forest Friends, gardening skills are put to the test as players use gardening tools with the Nintendo 3DS stylus to grow more than fifty different plants to create a dream garden. Working side-by-side with Mama, players will turn an empty piece of land into a yummy delight, completing fun minigames while planning garden strategy and delivering crops to six different shops.

Players can expand their garden by earning rewards such as new varieties of seeds, flower bulbs and trees, help friends grow their businesses by selling specific crops. As each of the shops rises in rank, they will be able to earn shopping tickets that can be spent on one of over one hundred items to decorate the garden, such as fences, fountains and even pets. Exclusive items for players garden will also be made available via SpotPass after launch.