Man Plans to Destroy his PS4 20th Anniversary on Camera, Asks Kickstarter $20,300 to Do it

Man Plans to Destroy his PS4 20th Anniversary on Camera, Asks Kickstarter $20,300 to Do it

Many crave the PS4 20th Anniversary edition, which is currently going for over $1000 on multiple auction sites, yet there’s a man that prefers the idea of destroying it.

Charles Tiongson from Las Vegas has a project: He wants to smash a PS4 20th Anniversary Edition to pieces on camera with a sledge hammer (maybe he’s quite fascinated by the old and glorious Red Faction: Guerrilla).

His reasoning is that since someone paid $20,000 on eBay to buy one (actually $20,100 if we want to be precise), he’s asking $20,300 on Kickstarter to destroy the console.

The “victim” will be showcased in an unboxing video, and then in a further clip displaying its sledge hammer-induced immolation.

In his bio, Tiongson describes himself as follows:

I’m your average everyday guy. I enjoy snowboarding, gaming, and drumming for my band. but more importantly, I’m that guy that is going to make a video about destroying his very own PlayStation 4 20th anniversary edition.

You might be wondering what you get for supporting this act of vandalism. For $5 you can get your name or PSN ID in the credits. For $50 you’ll acquire a small piece of the broken console. $100 will net you a bigger piece. If you feel generous and pledge $400, you’ll get the broken PlayStation Camera, while if you splurge with $500,  the smashed DualShock 4 will be yours.

The funniest thing (besides the whole project, I guess) is that at the moment of this writing Tiongson actually managed to attract two sadists that pledged a total of $21. The road to $20,300 is quite long, but there are 59 days left to go.

Personally, I know much better ways to spend my money on. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

[Thanks for the tip: Erick Dimalanta]