Manage Your Space Station in Stable Orbit, Announced For PC

on July 31, 2016 7:29 AM

A new trailer has appeared from Green Man Gaming Publishing announcing the Early Access of Stable Orbit, a simulator that will have players building and managing their very own space station. The game is being developed by Codalyn, a development studio ran by Jim Offerman who previously led the development of the PC version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

The description, along with the teaser for the game, gives a vague idea of what it entails:

“THE YEAR IS 2034. It’s been five years since the International Space Station was deorbited. Space programs the world over have faltered. Against all odds, an unprecedented “All Nations Space Coalition” is formed around a shared desire to rebuild mankind’s permanent presence in space, and rekindle the space race. Who will lead this mission? You!”

The exact date of release is still unannounced, however Stable Orbit‘s website shows fall 2016 as an estimate. The game will be available on Steam Early Access for PC.