Maneater’s Announcement Trailer Lets You Take Control of a Shark After Revenge

Maneater’s Announcement Trailer Lets You Take Control of a Shark After Revenge

Maneater is an open-world RPG in which the player takes control of a shark after revenge against a human that murdered its mother. You read that right.

You may not have expected to see a game where you can play as a shark at this years E3, but Maneater wanted to change that. Developed by Blindside Studios and in collaboration with Tripwire Interactive, the title got an announcement trailer that you can watch below along with some screenshots.

Maneater is an open world action title that is also a single player only experience. It hosts RPG elements and allows players to swim around the sea in the southern US Gulf Coast while fighting against other sharks, humans and other creatures of the deep waters. As a shark with full freedom to go where you want you can get into the rivers and streams, or just hang around in the open waters.

There is a story behind the game before you start to think of this as some sort of fun sandbox. The fishy protagonist —a giant bull shark— is after revenge against a human being that murdered its mother and left it for dead after being cut out from the mothers body. By allowing the bitter shark to feed on anything players are able to evolve specific body parts to improve how those parts function. There’s a variety of stat driven systems in place too that allows you to customize the shark to suit your play style.

Maneater aims to push the feeling of playing as a shark to new heights apparently and was actually swimming around back in 2017 when an early access trailer landed on the official YouTube channel. Tripwire Interactive already announced Treacherous Skies, the Summer Sideshow event for Killing Floor 2 at E3 2018. Blindside Studios are the team behind Depth which was a multiplayer title that featured sharks.

Maneater is due for PC and will launch into Early Access but no launch date has been revealed other than “coming soon”.