Maneater DLC - Recent Cryptic Twitter Teasers Explained

Grab your towel and stay out of the water, Maneater DLC might be beaching soon.

Maneater was the first of its kind: a Shark-PG that allowed players to live out their Jaws fantasies in a video game. Now, it seems like the first Maneater DLC is on its way soon.

The upcoming DLC was confirmed in January by art director Sean McBride in a Reddit AMA. However, understanding what’s going on with the DLC is something of a challenge.

The Maneater Twitter account has been tweeting cryptic messages that are a little hard to decipher. So here’s everything we know about the upcoming DLC and what the heck is going on with their Twitter account.

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Trip’s Return

Trip Westhaven is the producer of the fictional Shark Week-esque documentary that takes place throughout the entirety of Maneater. Voiced by Chris Parnell, he’s the narrator who’s constantly making jokes about the story and characters in it. On March 1, he “hacked” into the official Maneater Twitter and has been wreaking havoc there ever since. He posted a video on Twitter explaining that his documentary was censored by his network, so he’s taken to the uncensored land of the internet to continue his work.

Cryptic Tweets

Ever since Trip took over, the tweets from the account have been…weird. Usually using barely legible fonts, Trip has been suggesting that things are not as they might seem beneath the waves (shark pun intended.) Making reference to the Matrix, he Tweeted about the famous blue pill vs. red pill scene from the movie:

Maneater DLC

There’s been no word officially about what might be in store for the marine apex predator, but looking at Trip’s tweets might give us some insight. One of the recent tweets says that he’s been looking for “[A]” which might be a reference to the many safe areas where your shark can level up. He also references these spots in his most recent video where he talks about “mutation” and “strange evolution.” He seems to think that the incredible evolutionary powers displayed by the shark in the game are being covered up by local marine biologists. 

That’s all we know for now, but make sure to keep your eyes peeled for more cryptic hints. For all Maneater coverage, make sure to stick right here on DualShockers.

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