Twitch: Why Has Mang0 Been Banned?

It looks like Mang0 is the latest to be hit with the Twitch ban hammer!

It looks like the professional Super Smash Bros. player Mang0 has been banned from Twitch, but what led to the streamer receiving a ban? We’ve put together everything we know about the situation, including when Mang0 can return to the platform.

Twitch doesn’t take kindly to anybody breaking their terms of service agreement, Mang0 isn’t the first to be banned from the platform, and he won’t be the last. Just recently, JakenbakeLIVE was at the end of the Twitch ban hammer. Read all about it at the link below.

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Who Is Mang0?

Joseph Manuel Marquez, better known as gamer tag and online alias Mang0, is a professional Super Smash Bros. player and Twitch streamer. He also regularly uploads to YouTube where he has over 120,000 subscribers.

Mang0 is also part of the popular esports team Cloud9 and has been a member of the group since 2014. Marquez competes in the Super Smash Bros. Melee division for Cloud9.

Why Was Mang0 Banned From Twitch?

So, why has the popular Twitch streamer been banned from the platform? Well, unfortunately, there’s not a lot to go off apart from a Tweet from Mang0 himself.

In his tweet, he claims that he has been banned for “sexual content”. This of course sounds absurd as the professional player only streams gameplay content, so what could have happened that caused Twitch to deem it as sexual content? We may never know.

What Next?

We will likely never know the exact reasoning for Twitch banning Mang0, other than them deeming it as “sexual content”.

Mang0 is now faced with two options, he may either sit out and wait for his 3-day ban to be up, or he can appeal the decision to Twitch and likely gain a better idea on what the ban was for.

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