MangaGamer Reveals Plans to Develop Original Game ‘Koropokkur in Love’ Using Kickstarter

MangaGamer Reveals Plans to Develop Original Game ‘Koropokkur in Love’ Using Kickstarter

MangaGamer has now become a developer with the announcement of their first game Koropokkur in Love ~ A Little Fairy's Tale~.

MangaGamer announced that the localization company is entering the development space with their first original visual novel Koropokkur in Love ~ A Little Fairy’s Tale~ with the help ofKickstarter.

With character designer Hinoue Itaru (Clannad, Kanon) as the lead character designer and illustrator on the project, MangaGamer has launched a Kickstarter preview for fans to provide feedback on their game and campaign tiers. Currently, the company is asking for $30,000 to fund the project, with additional stretch goals that include Mac and Linux support as well as full voice acting from Japanese anime voice actresses.

Koji Hotta, general manager comments, “Since our main focus till today has been localization of pre-existing games, we’re excited to put together our own game from scratch, involving several experienced industry professionals. It will be a challenge to say the least, but we hope to continue being the leading team in expanding the VN market in the west by working closely with our partners and fans.”

Koropokkur in Love ~ A Little Fairy’s Tale~ will tell the story of a young fairy who ventures out of her isolated village and ends up experiencing love for the very first time. Throughout the story, she will get herself into various amusing situations as she struggles to maintain her human-sized form with the help of her magic.

John Pickett, PR Director adds, “We’re really excited to have this unique opportunity to bring our experiences into game development directly. Koropokkur, which is a fun and heartwarming story on its own, adds a lot of what fans of Itaru’s past works will enjoy. The three heroines are all quite unique with their own quirks, and the character interactions will take the fore in this title.”

The Kickstarter will officially launch on March 13. In order to get a copy of the game from the campaign, fans would need to pledge $15, with a physical copy being a part of the $50 tier.

Koropokkur in Love ~ A Little Fairy’s Tale~ is planned to release in September 2018.

You can check out the first look at the background and CG images below: