MangaGamer Updates ‘Koropokkur in Love’ Kickstarter Preview to Address Possible Adult Content

Fans want adult content in Koropokkur in Love ~ A Little Fairy’s Tale~ and MangaGamer lets them know how to get it.

on March 8, 2018 5:35 AM

Recently, MangaGamer announced they will be developing their first original visual novel titled Koropokkur in Love ~ A Little Fairy’s Tale~, with the help of Kickstarter.

In order to get fan feedback, the team launched a preview page of the Kickstarter where fans quickly asked for adult content. Evidentally, this isn’t as easy as creating a new stretch goal to add more scenes. The team approached the writer and artist, who both agreed to make stand along scenes outside of the main story that could feature adult content, but this will be only offered on MangaGamer and not in the Steam version.

However, in order to fund those scenes, fans would need to reach the 2nd DLC stretch goal. Furthermore, if they do reach that goal then MangaGamer must reach out to other voice actresses who will be willing to voice those particular scenes.

In order to see what fans think, MangaGamer launched a poll with several questions about the adult content and how fans would like it delivered to them.

The Kickstarter will officially launch on March 13. In order to get a copy of the game from the campaign, fans would need to pledge $15, with a physical copy being a part of the $50 tier.

In case you missed it, check out the first details released about Koropokkur in Love ~ A Little Fairy’s Tale~ the team of people working on it.

Koropokkur in Love ~ A Little Fairy’s Tale~ is planned to release in September 2018.

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