Ubisoft Shows what's New and Exciting in TrackMania with ManiaPlanet 4 Trailer

The longstanding TrackMania and ShootMania platforms on PC are getting a pretty large update in the form of ManiaPlanet 4. Publisher Ubisoft and developer Nadeo Live are currently holding a closed beta for the patch and unfortunately no release date for the public has been announced. However, a new video just dropped yesterday showcasing some of the new features that will be coming out when the update is available.

The trailer focuses mainly on the additions to TrackMania. For those unaware, Nadeo’s Mania series are ‘PC digital platforms’ that allows players to share, create, and play new experiences created within those programs. ShootMania focuses on the FPS genre whereas its fast sibling focuses on the racing genre. The video shows off the ability to download and tinker with player designed maps, car skins, and mods to change certain aspects of the game.

There’s also a host of improvements to the tools of TrackMania to make creation even easier. The ‘car painter’ is there for you to easily throw spoilers, flame decals, numbers, and what other flourishes onto your vehicle in the hopes that it will go faster. The map editor has added a mesh modeler to help make accurate curved portions of your track and the usual turns and straight-ways.

Even though the racing platform is known to try and keep the controls as simple as possible this doesn’t mean that the game isn’t complicated under the hood. Luckily the ManiaPlanet 4 update is working to create a faster experience for ‘most PCs’. The video boasts an overall 40% increase in speed with 30% more FPS from the third version.

However the most interesting aspect of the trailer is the new feature of ‘channels’. Just like a TV, you’ll be able to scroll through a number of different tracks and mods that change over time. This programming will allow players to seamlessly jump from new creation to new creation without having to go looking themselves. You’ll never know what craziness you might find on these multiplayer channels.

While there is no release date for the patch, as the educational video states, it will be ‘free 4 all’. You can follow the Mania titles on the platform’s official blog or twitter. You can also catch the full trailer below:

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