Manifest 99 Brings the Afterlife to PlayStation VR on September 12; Launch Trailer Released

Manifest 99, a unique looking narrative driven PlayStation VR game that takes place in the afterlife, has gotten a September 12 release date and an intriguing launch trailer.

on August 18, 2017 3:57 PM

Developer Flight School Studio took to PlayStation Blog today to provide details on its interesting upcoming PlayStation VR game, Manifest 99. According to the developers, the title is a story driven VR experience that takes place in the afterlife, and it will launch on September 12.

Manifest 99 is set on a mysterious train that is inhabited by a murder of crows, and see players bringing four animal companions into the afterlife with them. A controller is not needed to play the game, as players can just use their gaze with their VR headset to see through the eyes of the ghosts of a bear, owl, doe, and murder of crows. Gazing through these creatures’ eyes lets players learn why they are on the train, so the player’s ultimate goal is to uncover why all of these animals ended up in the afterlife.

The developers also give a tiny taste of the background of the bear in the same article. The bear was a former soldier that had to destroy many villages, making him quite reserved and tough for the player to make eye contact with at first.

You can check out the launch trailer for the game below. Manifest 99 will launch on PlayStation VR September 12.

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