Many Details Revealed for The Last Story

Many Details Revealed for The Last Story


One of the most mysterious RPGs of the last several months has been Mistwalker’s The Last Story, a Wii-exclusive title from the developers who brought us Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again – these upcoming RPGs are making the Wii look good. I’ve never seen any game on the system look this good. Who’s with me?

So, onto the details that were added to the game’s official site today. It seems the bulk of the game takes place on the island of Ruri. There is what I’m assuming to be an evil empire that inhabits the mainland, and they’ve destroyed the planet, basically. It’s your typical story – constant war, economic hardship and such. On Ruri, though, the island is still rich in natural resources and the inhabitants live in relative seclusion.

The city of – wait for it – Ruri Ruri sits at the island’s center, which is a place of trade and commerce for the inhabitants. In the screens below you’ll see just how detailed the city looks, and that is quite impressive. Of course, this city is also somewhat of a refuge for mercenaries, who come to Ruri to escape the empire’s watchful eye.

Elsa is one such mercenary, and is our main character in this story. He does odd jobs which pay the bills, and that brings him to Ruri, where an employer has a job for him to perform. Another of the few details about Elsa is that he has always dreamed a being an imperial knight, for some reason. (Why do they always dream of being a knight?)

While on this job, or mission, Elsa uncovers a mysterious power that he can’t explain. This power gives him abilities in combat and, I’m assuming, is a huge plot point throughout the story.

That is about all I can make out for now, but I’ve included nearly 30 new screens from the game below for your perusal. Some even include game play. You can thank me later.