Marc Ecko Does Halo

Marc Ecko Does Halo

First we got word that TapouT was teaming up with Namco Bandai to make special Tekken 6 shirts and now we have Marc Ecko also getting in the mix. Marc Ecko is making limited edition Halo inspired t-shirts for a limited time. Many gamers have commented that the designs are busy and not very pleasing to the eye, but I have to disagree with the majority, possibly because my wardrobe already consists of a lot of Marc Ecko clothes. Perhaps the demographic of gamers that will be attracted to these designs are more hip-hop focused and urban gamers, but I think overall the Halo vs. ecko unltd. collection will sell like hot cakes. Gamers should help support these kinds of efforts if we want to see more clothing designers try their hand at making video game inspired clothes.

halo marc ecko

I think my two favorite shirts are the yellow one that is pictured above named Master Stalker and another shirt named Laser Madness. Do you have a favorite t-shirt or are you not a fan of the collection?

All we need now is an announcement from Ed Hardy or Affliction that they will be making some game inspired t-shirts as well. A man can only dream.

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