Marcia: Fractured Realms Brings Fantasy RPG Home

Marcia: Fractured Realms Brings Fantasy RPG Home

Sony has announced the arrival of Mercia: Fractured Realms, a free to play fantasy RPG on PlayStation Home.

The game promises an interesting story, environments to explore, and combat that makes use of characters, weapons, magic, and enemies.

Players will be able to complete quests that are provided by Guardians to acquire gold that can be used to get new weapons and items. Dungeons contain various rooms and corridors to explore while facing off against dangerous foes such as Lizards and Beetles. Loot drops can be obtained through enemies, chests, and loot bags.

Mercia has three different classes to choose from that include Ranger, Fighter, and Defender classes. The game also has a wealth of magic and weapons to choose from to allow characters to be customized to different play styles. Players will also be able to team up and battle against foes together.

Those starting off in the game receiver a free Fighter starter pack. More packs and weapons can be unlocked as the game is played further or purchased through the Mercian Store using acquired gold from quests.

Stones in the game represent a part of fallen stone Guardians and possess power that players will be able to make use of. By equipping Stones, players will be able to use offensive and defensive magic in battle and customize their character even further.

Those looking for a fantasy RPG experience for free will want to log into PlayStation Home and give Mercia a try. Don’t forget to check out the launch trailer below.