Marill Limited Research Event - Early Start Date, Time, Rewards and Shiny Odds

By Sam Woods

May 7, 2021

Over the course of the past year or so, Niantic has been experimenting with a range of new events and challenges in Pokemon GO.

There have been the usual large scale events, but also a smattering of much smaller ones, including the likes of Limited Research Events, The Kanto Tour and things like the new Collection Challenges.

One of the newer small-scale events is the “play from home” Limited Research Days, in which players can complete a range of research tasks focused on a single Pokemon in order to try and get good IVs/shiny versions.

The next of these is the Marill Limited Research Event – here’s everything you need to know including the start date, time, rewards and shiny odds.

GO Beyond: The Pokémon GO journey continues beyond

GO Beyond: The Pokémon GO journey continues beyond

When Does the Marill Limited Research Day Start?

The Marill Limited Research Day will OFFICIALLY be taking place this Sunday, May 9. It kicks off nice and early around the world at 8 am local time, running all the way through until 10 pm, giving players plenty of opportunities to grab some great Pokemon.

While that is the start time, it looks like the event has gone live early around the world. We’ll keep an eye on this for you.

UPDATE: Niantic has now pulled the research and it will be launching at its original scheduled time.

What are the Research Tasks and Rewards?

Although these haven’t been confirmed by Niantic yet, we can take a pretty good guess.

The main reward for every task within these Limited Research Days is just the Pokemon in focus – so, every time players complete a task, they will encounter a Marill.

The rewards Niantic usually offers for completing a set tends to help with the next set, so, for example, should players need to use 3 Pinap Berries as one of the upcoming tasks, Niantic will provide the players some Pinaps.

Reputable site Leek Duck was able to gather up all the tasks when the research leaked early, you can check those out below.

What are the Odds of Encountering a Shiny Marill?

Usually, Shiny odds sit at 1/500, however, this won’t be the case for the Marill Limited Research event.

While there are no official figures, estimates over on The Silph Road Subreddit for previous Limited Research Days suggest the Shiny rates could be boosted as heavily as 1/15 all the way down to 1/60. However, speaking from personal experience, I’d predict it’s closer to 1/20-1/25.

Alongside the early start, players are reporting that the Shiny odds haven’t actually been boosted, this is likely a mistake on Niantic’s part.

We’ll be sure to update this post should anything official come out. Good luck out there!

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