Mario as a DS Holder = Ridiculous Price

Mario as a DS Holder = Ridiculous Price

I was wandering about my local Blockbuster Video store looking for something to watch (I ended up with Watchmen actually, a movie that contains far too many blue penises) and came across a very interesting accessory. I saw a statue of Donkey Kong and what looked to be a statue of Mario, but upon closer inspection he was actually something else. I picked up this box and saw that Mario was labeled as a Nintendo DS holder and had a paper DS in his hands. He functionally did nothing else except sit on a table and hold your DS. I thought this was ridiculous, but kind of funny until I saw his price tag. A whopping $29.99!! This is quite the rip off if you ask me as a DS holder is far from necessary, especially for $29.99. I can understand a case to hold your DS, but this was perhaps the biggest rip-off I had seen Nintendo put out to date.

What do you think? Do you already have Mario holding your DS or DSi?

Here is a better shot of him.

Mario DS Holder

7 responses to “Mario as a DS Holder = Ridiculous Price”

  1. rexaura says:

    not a rip off its pritty big and its a collectable so i dono not that bad would be better if it was 20$ but yea it is the blockbuster price lol yea i aint gon aget this

  2. Jayson says:

    I agree with rexaura. Collectables are always overpriced because they’re rare. Think before you complain I’d say :p

    I mean you said it yourself: you don’t need it, it’s not a necessity, so it can’t be a rip off.

  3. ajt says:

    I think it’s worth it if you own a store that sells games. You can use it to show the newest DS you have in the store or even the Japanese Monster Hunter PSP limited edition!!!

    If I was a huge Mario fan, I’d actually buy it >< but I’m not so woot!

  4. Al Zamora says:

    @ rex & others – I see what your saying but I just cant justify $30 for soemhting that does nothing. I guess as a collectable it could be cool, but a table does the same thing the figure does, lol

  5. lady gigi says:

    big dumb piece of plastic to me

  6. Taylor says:

    The price don’t matter.
    It’s Mario. And I want it.

  7. rexaura says:

    yeah i get you man it is just like the figures and i know you can get some big ones for around 15 i have seen on ebay or amozon but hey maybe you can find lower prices at a diffrent store blockbusters items were always on the high i rember when i was little i seen a sonic plush for 20 and it wasent even big lol now that was a waste of cash mostly becouse it really dident even look like sonic