Mario Kart Tour Adds Much Requested Landscape Mode Today

Mario Kart Tour Adds Much Requested Landscape Mode Today

While Nintendo is reportedly winding down its ambitions to crack the mobile game market, despite having some major success with it over the years, they still seem to have plans to continue support for their existing titles. Earlier this year they added one of the most requested features, multiplayer support, to the Mario Kart spinoff Mario Kart Tour, and as of an update today will be adding another feature fans have been crying out for.

Announced via a tweet from the official Mario Kart Tour Twitter account Nintendo offered players “a sneak peek at some of the content that’s planned for the next #MarioKartTour update.” The tweet, which was accompanied by a video, showed off both the portrait mode and the newly announced, highly requested landscape mode.

The tweet confirms that the newly implemented landscape mode comes complete with a new control layout. Players can pick between a permanent portrait or landscape mode or switch it up between the two on the fly. Fortunately, the game does still support everyone’s favorite way to play, tilt controls.

Alongside this new addition and the fresh inclusion of a multiplayer mode (which was also tweaked in today’s update), Mario Kart Tour continues to add extra content to keep players active. As the game starts to approach its one year anniversary, it was recently announced that “Captain Toad’s treasure sense is tingling, and he’s come to #MarioKartTour in search of more adventures!” On top of that, Nintendo regularly adds new courses, including most recently Choco Mountain from Mario Kart on the N64. The additional characters and courses are also frequently supported by new events.

Up until this point, Mario Kart Tour was only playable in portrait mode; however, the update is now live on both iOs and Android and players can start to get to grips with the new way to play.