Mario Kart Tour Seems to Be Pay-To-Win, But Remember It’s Still In Beta

Mario Kart Tour Seems to Be Pay-To-Win, But Remember It’s Still In Beta

Nintendo is deleting screenshots and footage of Mario Kart Mobile's beta as sharing those goes against its clauses.

The first beta test for Mario Kart Tour started today in Japan. Good old Dr. Serkan Toto published this tweet below, stating how the game seems to be pretty hardcore gacha wise, with players who’d put some money down getting a clear advantage. Of course, this is all subject to change, as it’s a Beta Test.

I personally stumbled unto this tweet multiple hours after the beta began. I was reading all Japanese news sites, as usual, deciding what to cover. As such, I decided to give the Mario Kart Tour hashtag a look, but tweets with actual impressions on the monetization and screenshots of the game were seemingly all already deleted. As of now, most of the tweets on the hashtag are people talking about how said screenshots were deleted. There is very few info on the game itself, at least from the quick glance I took.

The most interesting piece of info is how Mario Kart Tour currently always plays while holding one’s phone vertically. This works nicely for a Cave danmaku but I’m personally not sure if that’s a good idea for a Mario Kart. You can probably find some gameplay footage of Mario Kart Tour on YouTube to check for yourself.

Lastly, it might feel like Nintendo is trying to smother the case down by deleting screenshots or footage. You should, however, remember that the clauses for the Mario Kart Tour Beta stated that the players selected to participate in the test are strictly forbidden from sharing any screenshots or footage. Nintendo is simply doing its job and cracking down on people who don’t follow these conditions.

Mario Kart Tour was announced back in 2018 and is scheduled to release in Summer 2019, for iOS and Android.