Mario Kart Tour Finally Adds Multiplayer

Mario Kart Tour Finally Adds Multiplayer

Mario Kart Tour might get a boost in players now that a multiplayer mode, the basics of a Mario Kart game, was actually added after fifty years of wait.

On March 9, Nintendo launched version 2.0.0 of Mario Kart Tour, finally allowing people who actually still play the game at this point to play a multiplayer mode. Up to 8 real players can now race each other on the iOS, Android Mario Kart iteration. You can either race friends or people nearby, or fight against random people around the world.

Mario Kart Tour launched on September 25, 2019, and allows players to play with one hand, something suitable for mobile games. The courses you can race on regularly change, and you can both enjoy nostalgic courses from past Mario Kart games and brand new original courses created for Mario Kart Tour. The last time we heard that multiplayer was coming was in October 2019.

A new Mario Kart Tour key visual was also released with the Version 2.0.0 update, showing Mario and Princess Peach racing each other, seen above.

The Mario Kart Tour English official Twitter is also self-aware and published a quick short guide on how to get your account back, for everyone who got fed up with the game and left in the past and might be planning to come back for multiplayer:

Lastly, a Twitter campaign is also being held:

Personally speaking, I believe Nintendo gets a bit too much flak than what they deserve when it comes to online stuff. Considering what they did in the past like with the Family Computer Network System. With that said, I’ll be the first person to mention the fact that it took so long for a Mario Kart game to get a multiplayer mode is preposterous.