Mario Kart Tour - What is the Ninja Tour?

What's up with the Ninja Tour?

Mario Kart Tour has been celebrating its 1.5 Year Anniversary with its most recent update.

With live service games like Mario Kart Tour, you can always expect big things for their big anniversaries.

Luckily, Mario Kart Tour has had a plethora of new content for its 1.5 year anniversary with the Yoshi Tour. As that comes to an end today, the Ninja Tour begins.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Mario Kart Tour Ninja Tour.

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Mario Kart Tour Ninja Tour

Currently, we don’t know a ton about the Ninja Tour. The biggest piece of news we know about it is that it will be introducing a new race course to the game starting tomorrow, April 7.

The new course will be called Ninja Hideaway which will have a nighttime Japanese dojo theme. According to the entry in the game’s official Wiki, the course will feature “a number of traps and several elements relating to Wario, such as depictions of his mustache and nose on the front of one of the dojos and an icon of garlic appearing on some banners in the background.”

It seems like this will be the “bamboo course” that plenty of fans have been looking for. In order to complete some of the challenges for the 1.5 Year Anniversary, players have been given three tasks to complete on courses with bamboo, however, there are no courses with bamboo in the game. The limited images we’ve seen of the course make us think that this might be the one.

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