Why Play Mario With a Controller? This Modder Plays it With a Lego Figure

Watch this modder make it through world 1-1 using Legos as a controller. Just try to ignore the thing's screams though

September 4, 2020

Nintendo’s surprise direct yesterday gave fans of Mario games a ton of new options for playing their favorite platformers.  There’s a Game & Watch you can pick up, or you can run through a few of the all-star Mario titles in a collection on the Switch. But for some people, that’s not enough. Some people see their Mario lego sets and think “well, why don’t I just use this as a controller?”

I can only assume that was the thought going through the head of one modder, who goes by @r1ckp on Twitter. He somehow figured out that he could make a neat program that turns that otherwise useless Lego Mario figure into a pro gaming controller, or at least, a great one for Super Mario Bros.

A video posted on the modder’s Twitter page shows him getting around stage 1-1 with his hacked controller. By tilting Lego Mario forward or backward, the mustachioed hero’s digital version would run forward or back. If you’re watching, it’s a pretty astonishing sight. Just don’t mind the sounds that Lego Mario makes, even if they’re much, much creepier than they should justifiably be.

Moving around is only one part of Super Mario Bros. though, so what about pipes and tossing fireballs? A second video shows how @r1ckp solved those issues too, which has something to do with small Lego platforms and more unholy, demonic sounds coming from Lego Mario.

I’ll say it right now, I would absolutely pick up a modded controller like this – sure it’s not practical but it’s undeniably cool. On second thought, only if it comes with a mute button.

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