A Modder is Recreating Super Mario Odyssey in Super Mario 64, and It Looks Brilliant

A Modder is Recreating Super Mario Odyssey in Super Mario 64, and It Looks Brilliant

Mario Ya-Hoo's his way back to 64-bit in this incredible fan creation from Kaze that merges Super Mario Odyssey with Super Mario 64.

Super Mario Odyssey is most easily compared to one other game in the Mario series – Super Mario 64. Both champion movement and exploration in enormously colorful worlds, and they’re iconic because no other games play exactly like them. That is, until now. Kaze Emanuar, a modder with an affinity for Nintendo titles, is replicating much of Super Mario Odyssey using Super Mario 64‘s engine.

The result is a low-polygon version of the widely acclaimed title that speedrunners should be drooling over. Kaze is currently recreating the unique worlds of Odyssey using Mario 64‘s toolkit, which is not an easy task. Still, looking at his recreation of the Sand Kingdom, it’s hard to deny that his hard work is going to waste.

Numerous areas and features from Odyssey are dutifully recreated, including Moons, platforming sections, and movement mechanics. A mod for Super Mario 64 where Mario can use Cappy may have been hard to imagine in the past, but here it is. That’s not all; the music of Mario Odyssey is also being beautifully covered in MIDI format, resulting in some low-fi versions of Odyssey‘s best tunes.

Kaze’s project isn’t lacking in scope either. He’s not just recreating worlds; instead, the goal is to create a completely new game. Further down the path, the game is envisioned to have 240 to 300 Moons when it’s finished. And based on the number of worlds that have been recreated so far, there seems to be plenty of space for that many.

If this premise excites you, I have good news. In his latest video, a preview of the Wooded Kingdom, Kaze pinned a comment, saying “Most of the hacks im [sic] working on will release in February – keep that in mind.” You won’t have to wait much longer to get into this unique mash-up of acclaimed titles.

Unfortunately, Kaze also claims that he’s had two strikes made against his YouTube channel for his work and that his channel may be deleted soon (from copyright claims). If you want to continue following this project, stay tuned here and make sure to follow Kaze on Twitter here.