Mario Party 2 Now Available for Wii U Virtual Console

on December 24, 2016 12:58 PM

Nintendo has released Mario Party 2 onto the Wii U Virtual Console just in time for holiday frustrations. Developed by Hudson Soft and released in 2000 for the Nintendo 64, Mario Party 2 was released onto the Wii Virtual Console in 2010. If you didn’t learn your lesson with that iteration, maybe you will this time: never play 50 turns.

Mario Party 2 supports the Wii U Gamepd, Wii U Pro Controller, and Wii Remote Plus plus Classic Controller. Up to four players are supported and this N64 title will only cost you $9.99 and hours of your time.

Get ready to party like it’s the year 2000 all over again, complete with fancy costumes, bags of surprises, and games galore! Mario and his Mushroom Kingdom friends return for a brand-new round of Bowser-bashing board game action. Each of your favorite characters don different themed outfits to take part in five fun-packed Adventure Boards: Pirate Land, Western Land, Space Land, Mystery Land, and Horror Land. Then battle Bowser on his own specific board…if you’re brave enough.

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