Japan Expo Reveals Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle for Nintendo Switch, Then Deletes Tweet

Japan Expo Reveals Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle for Nintendo Switch, Then Deletes Tweet

Japan Expo tweet backs up leaked details, reveals Mario & Rabbids game for Nintendo Switch.

The Japan Expo had its annual press conference this morning to announce many of the items which would be covered at the event. One of those, as announced in a tweet from the official Japan Expo account, revealed the Nintendo exclusive Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle game. The tweet, which tagged both Nintendo and Ubisoft French accounts in it, was deleted rather quickly. Don’t worry, however, as we have a screen shot for you of it below. After all, nothing is ever really deleted on the internet.

The crossover game has been rumored for a while now, but Ubisoft or Nintendo still have not revealed it. Japan Expo 2017 takes place between July 6-9th, nearly a month after E3. That being said, there is a strong possibility that Nintendo will announce the game during its livestream from Los Angeles.

Ubisoft CEO Ives Guillemot has been optimistic about the Switch since before its reveal. Back in November, he mentioned that the console showed true innovation:

For the first time ever, players will continue their home console experience on the go while traveling or commuting. That is a true innovation.”

Just a couple weeks ago, Guillemot himself noted that there was another unannounced game for the Switch with one or two more coming down the line. Ubisoft has been a third-party publisher with Nintendo for a while now, but mainly for its Just Dance games. Ever since Ubisoft titles saw sales plummet on the Wii U, the publisher has begun shying away from releasing games on Nintendo after Watch Dogs back in 2014.

With the huge success and demand for the Nintendo Switch so far, it looks like Ubisoft saw the sales numbers they were looking for. Those looking for another interesting crossover might get their wish if the game is really happening.

No release date or official announcement on Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle is available yet.