Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: Ultra Challenge Pack DLC Launches on Nintendo Switch for $6.99

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: Ultra Challenge Pack launched today as part of the game's Season Pass, and adds new solo challenges and co-op maps.

on October 17, 2017 7:44 PM

Before the release of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle in August, Ubisoft Milan revealed that the game would be getting a $19.99 Season Pass. At launch, the game included the promised eight steampunk weapons. Today, the promised solo challenges and co-op maps arrived as part of the Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: Ultra Challenge Pack DLC.

If you want to purchase the Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: Ultra Challenge Pack on its own, you will be set back $6.99, though it is automatically obtained for those who bought the Season Pass. The DLC pack allows players to test their skills in eight new Ultra Hard Challenges; these are contained within the Secret Chapter of each world. On the co-op side of things, a new co-op campaign has been added that boast five exclusive co-op maps that heavily feature Chain Chomps, Tornadoes, Boos, and Pyroclasts.

The arrival of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: Ultra Challenge pack leaves the “new unexpected story content” as the only thing left to be delivered from the Season Pass. According to the original announcement, that won’t be arriving until 2018. If you want to see DualShockers’ thoughts on the game, be sure to check out our review; you should also see how Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle has been a “game changer” for developer Ubisoft Milan.

A new trailer was released that highlights this new content, so you can check out that below. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is currently available exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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