Mario Has Seven Jobs, According to Nintendo's Japanese Website

According to Mario's biography on the Japanese Nintendo website, the mascot character officially has seven jobs, with "plumber" being just one of them.

With Mario having done so many activities in the past few decades, it is only natural for his occupation to be a subject of intense scrutiny and debate. Mario fans around the globe panicked when he was called a former plumber by Nintendo’s Japanese website, only for relief to set back the website reversed his “former” status. According to the website, that is only one of seven of his jobs, as Japanese commentators interpret it now.

Along with being a plumber, Mario is also a doctor, racer, martial artist, professional baseball player, soccer player, and basketball player. With this new information in hand, Nintendo has reopened the can of worms for the strangely curious fanbase.

So Mario apparently is a licensed doctor, but where did he receive his education? What field did this so-called “doctor” specialize in? “Racer” and “martial artist” must be nods to the Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. series, respectively, but now I question why only some sports are listed over others. If translations are to be trusted, why is Mario only a professional at baseball and not soccer/football and basketball?

Mario didn’t train so hard only for his accomplishments in tennis and golf to be ignored—he has certainly been playing those longer than basketball and soccer. These must only be hobbies or sports in which Mario and friends participate in as amateurs. But heck, all of these characters are freaking Olympians, according to the Mario & Sonic sports games.

Now that raises the question: what occupations do the rest of the Mushroom Kingdom crew have, given that they all participate in these games as well? How many of them play sports at a professional level? In Nintendo’s attempts to clarify whatever Mario lore there may be, we are only left with even more questions.

I’m also slightly disappointed that “partying” isn’t considered to be an occupation.

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