Mario Skips Thanksgiving and Heads Straight into Christmas Attire in Super Mario Odyssey

Mario receives a festive make-over a little ahead of Christmas this year and also an 8-Bit Mario Cap bringing the original Super Mario Bros. look into the game

November 22, 2018

If you were hoping for something Thanksgiving-themed this year in Super Mario Odyssey, I’m afraid you’ll be a little disappointed as Mario saves a turkey and dons a very merry Christmas outfit instead…but he sure does look very cute and festive, even if he is a tad premature.

Mario’s special Santa hat and outfit isn’t the only make-over you’ll see as also there’s an 8-Bit Mario Cap bringing the original Super Mario Bros. look into the game, but it comes at a hefty price which will leave you shelling out 9,999 coins. Coming in at a more affordable price is the Santa hat and outfit which will set you back a total of 1,500 coins. Both of these outfits are available to purchase from the shop once you have finished the main story.

Super Mario Odyssey continues to do well on the gaming market. Last month we saw Nintendo reveal that the title sold almost 23 million units and coming in as the best selling game on the switch console, making it a pretty packed month for Super Mario Odyssey as they also celebrated their one year anniversary of the release.

If you still haven’t had the chance to play this super fun game, you can still pick up Super Mario Odyssey on Amazon.

Check out the Super Mario Odyssey Santa and 8-Bit Costumes Showcase video in all it’s glory, below:


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